New Brainstorm Feature!

Hey guys we just released a cool little feature called “Brainstorm”. This feature is to help brainstorm keyword and niche ideas. Many times the hardest part of any SEO or marketing campaign is getting the ideas flowing so with Brainstorm we tried to incorporate some of the best ways to generate ideas all in one place.[…]


New Design, More Features and More of Everything!

We’re very excited to ring in the new year with a freshly updated Keysearch user interface with more features and well… just more of everything! In addition to the beautiful re-design we are upgrading all plans and giving more research credits and keywords tracked! Happy 2017! Lets dive in and take a look at some of the changes and[…]


Do The Number of Search Results Matter?

You may have noticed in a recent Keysearch update we are now showing the number of search results when checking the keyword difficulty. This has always been a factor in our algorithm and now we’ve made it easy to see. The question though is what type of attention and importance should you place on this[…]


Finding Competitors Keywords

One of the most underused and highly powerful features of Keysearch is the ability to find and analyze keywords your competitors are already ranking for. This info can give you an incredible leg up on your competition. Since many Keysearch users are unaware of how powerful this feature is I thought i’d do a quick overview of[…]


Finding Niche Ideas

So you are all set to dive head first into keyword research and start sifting through the best low competition keywords/phrases but you realize… “Wait, I don’t have any ideas for a niche!” Unfortunately this is very common. Even the best brainstormers have days where they come up short on ideas. The usual advice people will[…]


Understanding Google RankBrain

Many SEO’s are still not aware that Google has added a big change to their algorithm called RankBrain. Recently Google came out and admitted that the top 3 factors running their algorithm are: Content Links RankBrain Now for years we’ve known that good quality content and links were the key to getting better rankings. Now[…]


Gaining An Edge With LSI Keywords

When working within Keysearch and using the deep analysis feature you may have noticed the section that shows LSI Words for your chosen keyword. Now what are these LSI words you might ask? LSI stands for latent semantic indexing. Without getting too technical, all you really need to know about LSI keywords is that they[…]