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Uncovering Hidden Google Suggest Keywords

One of the coolest and least used features of Keysearch is the ability to use an underscore as a wildcard for Google Suggest searches. What this means is wherever you place an underscore Google Suggest will automatically fill in the underscore with relevant keyword phrases that you would most likely not have found otherwise. I[…]

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Going in Depth With Deep Analysis

Probably one of the most underused features of Keysearch is the Deep Analysis feature. This feature allows you to really dive into the top 10 results of a keyword and get a very in-depth look at the competition. First lets take a look at where you can find the Deep Analysis feature. There are 2[…]


Finding Easy To Rank, Long-Tail Keywords

The main goal of keyword research for most of us is finding keywords that will bring in traffic and also won’t be difficult to rank on Google. Depending on your website you may also want to make sure that these keyword are profitable as well. So how do we do that? First lets take an example niche.[…]


Keyword Research 101

Search engine optimization, the ever expanding practice that basically dictates how the internet is surfed, how websites are accessed and how people use the internet, is based on something as simple as words. They are known as keywords. Keywords are the words that you type into the search engine. So for example “best used cars”[…]


Keysearch is Here!

Hey guys we are excited to finally be launching Keysearch! Keysearch has been in development for a good while now and we’ve put a ton of work into it. Our goal with Keysearch is to have the most complete, easy to use keyword research tool on the market Unlike other tools, Keysearch is fully web[…]